Songs For Coco

by Hainbach

A six track suite of other worldly beauty from the tabletop electronics of Stefan Paul Goetsch AKA Hainbach. "Songs For Coco" utilises the unique Cocoquantus effects system designed by Ciat Lombarde. The signature lo-fi cascading delays of this instrument become the signature to an utterly haunting and deeply personal album wherein Hainbach doesn't seem to "play" anything, rather the album feels like a microphone recording of some other dimension. 

Sepia and rose tinted, perfumed and utterly melancholic, while ambient in many ways the music undulates against a coarse grain of distortion which never allows for somniferous descent but a sharpening and luring to come and listen closer. 

"Songs for Coco" follows last years "No Need For Rain" release on Opal Tapes and a string of other beautiful music on Spring Break and Limited Interest labels.

BUY NOW: http://opaltapes.com/album/songs-for-coco



by Hainbach

A collection for ambient and tape tracks made for and inspired by the documentary movie "Bruderkrieg" by Moser Bros.  



Violin Forms

by Hainbach

Violin Forms; The name of the album reflects its making: the main sound source is the violin I inherited from my grandfather. The track names are metaphors for the compositional process: I played a few parallel notes into the bottomless sea that is the Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus and set them adrift from each other, while also freezing each in time. The thawing movement induced by control voltage turns what lasted only a few seconds in our acoustic reality into a seemingly endless moment. A handful of organ tones contrast the flickering motions of the violins, giving a process that might appear too technical else wise a human touch. - Hainbach, Berlin 2017
Risograph printed edition of 100.





Using modular synthesizers, tape loops and his voice HAINBACH is able to excise the most haunting tones from his rig. These are laid out or the listener to peer into or to hold the shell to the ear. The sound is organic, microbial almost, rich with micro- details and texture like some sonic mold sporing out. Later some crystals form as recital of new age styles never quite realised, the fata morgana, a desert environment where the smallest gestures are noticeable against such minimalism. A fragile and exquisite listen.



On Endless Beach

by Hainbach

"They sang songs of endless Sunday afternoons on the beach - mindless peace, shifting thoughtless particles"

C40 on Gohan Tapes, Limited Edition of 50. Artwork by Kinoshtan_works




by Kilchhofer/Hainbach

This captivating split EP sees Kilchhofer’s second 12”, after his ‘Dersu’ EP on ‘Marionette’. The flip side features Hainbach who gets his work pressed on vinyl for the very first time – after a few tape releases, his latest being on Ted Butler & Cortini’s ‘Limited Interest’ label. This is truly something wonderful from two very gifted and unique artists. 


SBT031 Hainbach.jpg

The Evening Hopefuls

by Hainbach

The Evening Hopefuls is an album that would have been impossible for me to write a year ago. I always felt the need to add a little beat or bass. I got bored when the music was too calm. This changed when I wrote my first piece for orchestra. After the score was done I had little to do in my hotel room in between rehearsals, so I reworked bits and pieces of rehearsal recordings into something new. The calm was suddenly pleasing instead of grating. After a month I had three hours of music recorded, of which this album is a selection. What I especially enjoy about the record is that in many pieces there are about forty people present, sitting in an old cloister, playing my music for the first time. Electronic music can be a lonely affair, but not so in this case. We were The Evening Hopefuls."



Cello Pattern

by Hainbach

Absolutely stunning C50 from Berlin's Stefan Paul Goetsch. Spacious and restrained, there is an eerie yet playful vibe to these organic, folkloric passages. Ivory cassettes, in an edition of 100.

Shrines Cover 2.png


by Hainbach

"Octave-springing laryngeal sequencing bringing yet new life to the storied kosmische sound."




by Hainbach

Ashes is an album made in constant motion, in the mornings and nights between rundown theatre rehearsal spaces and bars, on endless train rides and rare nights at home. Recorded to cassette and 1/4" tape, its raw and distorted, evoking memories of childhood soundtracks and strung out trips through looming landscapes. Maybe its an ambient record, it sure is the calmest collection of tracks I have ever made. I hope it keeps you company, as its blinking lights and broken sounds did for me.

"r. kevin nelson Eerie and brooding, reminiscent of the first Colleen record Favorite track: Churches"



The Heat

by Hainbach

One morning I woke up to the sounds of a curfew. A thousand sirens bathed the streets in blue. I fixed up a shot of caffeine, which chased the bats from my head. In last weeks jeans and shirt I got out into the street, slipping by the men in riot gear. My heart made a leap when I saw you standing by the the old Volkswagen. We exchanged a hasty kiss. Without looking back we sped out of the city, bypassing the roadblocks by sheer luck and your gallons of charm. In a flash we reached the seaside and left the car behind. 


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by Hainbach

A day by the river Rhine in the summer sun, traveling with two small synthesizers and a field recorder. Three miniatures, perfect for filling up the small spaces on your next mixtape.


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Ambient Piano Works

by Hainbach

'Ambient Piano Works' by Hainbach is an intimate, close and incredibly warm album that feels like a distant dream, completely unlinked from time. 

The Berlin based artist goes back to his very first love, the piano, to create hypnotic tape loops and atmospheric sound fragments - and forms them into an album like only he could.


released July 26, 2018 

Produced & Mixed by Hainbach 
Mastered by SALZ Mastering 
Design by Aoki & Matsumoto